Being Human

This is an example of a working wall again produced on professional practice 1a around the theme of being human, which was that terms focus for all areas of the curriculum.

The children worked through the week to create their own ‘healthy’ lunch box. They then created a prototype of what they thought they might want their lunch box to look like before actually creating their finished one out of card. This allowed the children to see what it would look like and change anything they wanted before making the finished one.

Within that week a letter was sent home to parents explaining what was going to happen as the children were going to make the sandwiches from their healthy lunch box. The children brought in all of the ingredients they needed to make their sandwiches and we made them on the Friday afternoon. The children then were in groups of 4 and they worked together to taste each others sandwiches, rating them out of 10 and writing a comment. This introduced some children to food they had never eaten before and also showed them different combinations.

We had also taken the time in the week to explain about the eatwell plate other aspects involved with being healthy.

Target: Continue to use interactive lessons and cross curriculum activities. 


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