Ford Park

This was a great day out for all the children in the year 5/6 class on placement 1a. As it was not too far from the school, the children were able to explore the local environment they live in. The children were taking part in a project to redesign the plot/house next to the school which they had recently bought. The children visited Ford Park to get ideas for wildlife and how they could design their garden.

They learnt all about having a fruit and vegetable plot and how to look after it, what a bug hotel looks like and how they could make one, different environments and surroundings. It was a fun trip and the children learnt lots and were able to take photos with the iPad so they could then print them off when back at school to put on their posters as shown above.

The children then once back at school worked in groups to come up with their final design for their garden. They had to produce leaflets, posters and work out costs etc. This was a great cross curriculum day that all the children really enjoyed. At the end of the day parents and other children in the school came round to have a look at everyone’s designs.

Target: Use trips to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding related to a specific topic. 


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