Singaporean Bar Model workshop

In year 2 we worked in groups to create a workshop for a group of year 3 children to teach them about the Singaporean bar model. We came up with a lesson plan and a list of resources we would need for a the workshop and worked out in our group who would teach which bit to the children.

These are some pictures of the workshop and some of the activities that we did with the children. We first introduced the bar model to the children as they had never heard of it before. We then used modelling to work through an example with the children, then doing it again but asking the children for input like what should we do next? This got the children thinking about what they had just been shown. We gave the children cubes to work with to help them through the process as it was their first time going through the method. We also wrote down the equation down on a whiteboard so that the children could always see it and refer back to it when they needed to.

All the children worked well together on the bar model considering they had never seen it before. They were able to work effectively through all the questions helping each other and asking questions when they were slightly unsure. It was a great activity which i also enjoyed as well as the children. I was able to learn how to deal with a range of abilities for the objective making the appropriate differentiation where necessary.We were also able to manage the behaviour of all the children as it was only a small group of about 6. They all listened and worked with us as if we were real teachers.

Target: Use the Singaporean bar model within schools if they use that method within their maths lessons. 


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