Recognising maths mastery


This is an example of how teachers can recognise whether a child has met the mastery level in maths or if they are still working towards it. The children must work through the stages to be able to achieve each bit before moving on. This is because otherwise there might be gaps in their knowledge and understanding.

This is a good way for teachers to assess their children as it gives them specific ideas and details as to see whether the child has met that level of mastery or not. It also shows them what they need to do next to be able to move the child on and develop their mastery ability. It also allows the teacher to know what prior knowledge they should have and if i child is struggling they know what steps they may have to go back to in order to secure earlier knowledge before progressing further.

This is becoming a widely use approach in all schools now as it part of the new curriculum for mathematics.

I was able to work with approach on placement 1b as the school I was at had already integrated this approach to maths into their curriculum. I really enjoyed using it and it was great as it meant that all the children were focusing on the same objective just at different depths and mastery levels. I meant that all the children could move on at the same time and that there was no children going higher level work, instead they just went into more depth on the topic.

Target: Continue to develop the use of mastery mathematics within school. 


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