Science: planning, teaching, learning and assessment

This highlights what can be done in science to plan, teach, learn and assess within the classroom.

Planning in science is essential just like any other subject. Within planning it allows for rigorous monitoring and tracking, there should be planning for lots of investigations which actively involve all children. they should listen to child’s suggestions and at what to include in their planning, so find out what they want to do but ensure that you do not spoon feed them within the lessons. Teachers should think about how the children in their class develop and how they should plan accordingly for this. Most importantly is that planning should NOT restrict growth.

Teaching should allow for personal development and the growth of confidence. Good teaching comes from good subject knowledge so pedagogical, conceptual and subject. It should also maintain curiosity. Subject leaders could provide training to staff to ensure that they know and have the required subject knowledge.

Within the learning of science children should be engaged and working scientifically, they should learn perseverance and independence and sustain interest in the subject. Children should also learn through the practical element of science and any misconceptions they have in science should be addressed and they should learn what is correct.

Finally ways of assessment in science can include formative and summative. Other assessment can include individual target setting and feedback which needs to be accurate and timely. This means it is more specific for the children so they know what stage they are at. many believe there should be no tests and more freedom within science assessment.

Target: Improve subject knowledge in all four areas in science. 


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