Computing Scheme


This is an example of a how a scheme of work for computing can be split across the year for all 6 year groups. It highlights clearly what aspect of the curriculum they are learning, whether it be digital literacy, computer science or information technology at what time during the year. Each half a term there will be a different focus as it allows for an even split of the 3 strands throughout the year. This means that the children can revisit topics and allows for the teacher to assess prior knowledge. Each strand of the curriculum progresses and develops as the children go through the years. It allows the to delve deeper into the computing curriculum enhancing their prior knowledge further. This specific example is based on the Knowsley City Learing Services scheme of work but ca be changed and developed to suit any scheme of work that the school may be working with. 

This made me realise just how much there is within the computing curriculum and how much it is expected that children know before they go to secondary school. 

Target: Continue to work on my computing subject knowledge and teaching strategies. 


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