Dramatic conventions


Reflection of dramatic conventions PowerPoint 

I chose to look at the different dramatic conventions for the book ‘A Little Bit of Winter’, which is a two-character book aimed at KS1. Highlighted in peer feedback was the good choice of book, as there are lots of areas for the children to develop in, the different dramatic strategies can be applied easily and comprehension can be developed through these. There is a lot of different activities that can be carried out within a Literacy lesson linked to drama. ‘A Little Bit of Winter’ presents opportunity for a range of these activities, therefore I chose to focus on 5 of them: hot seating, flashbacks/flash forwards, freeze frames, paired improvisation and role play. I chose to focus on these as they were best suited to the book I chose, allowing me to relate it directly to the text. I believe from these conventions I was able to think about specific examples of activities for each one, delivering it at the correct level of a KS1 child. From looking at my peer evaluation they agreed, as they noted that the use of activities well related to KS1, being pitched at the correct level and also that the specific example from the book were thorough and linked in to the book well. They also highlighted the good level and amount of wider reading and how it supported and backed up my points made throughout the presentation, linked to how the activity would help develop a child’s comprehension skills. There were many sources out there to read which were specific to each dramatic convention, explaining it fully and stating possible benefits for not only comprehension but also language, writing and speaking skills in literacy.

This task was very useful as it enabled me to think about different activities that I could actually use within school when on placement and throughout my career and it allowed me to think specifically about KS1, an area I have not had a lot of experience in yet. Although this task was only based on one book, from watching my peer’s presentations and my own thoughts I can see how drama can be used with any book, either KS1 or KS2, as it is a flexible learning approach that can be adapted.

Target: Use at least one of these dramatic conventions within a literacy lesson to enhance the children’s comprehension and other literacy skills. 


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