Positive and Negative behaviour strategies


This shows many examples of different ways of managing behaviour that have been observed on placement my both me and my peers. Behaviour management within the classroom is an essential part of ensuring a secure and safe learning environment for all.

Positive Strategies 

Star of the day/week – The teacher chooses one child who has either behaved well, presented a good piece of work, showed good work ethic, good attitude to learning etc and this an either be presented in the assembly at the end of the week or at the end of each day. The child chosen is normally presented with a certificate to show for it.

Merits/raffle tickets – Every time the teacher is impressed with a child they were given a raffle ticket which they wrote their name on the back of, folded up and put in a box. The children tried to collect as many as they could throughout the week. At the end of the week the teacher would pick one from the box and that child would be able to pick from the box of prizes.

Golden time – This was a specific amount of time that the children normally get on a Friday to do whatever they want, they can either bring something in from home or choose something from within school. Time could however be lost from this during the week if badly behaved etc.

Negative strategies 

Traffic light system – Each child starts on green at the beginning of every day. The child can be moved to either orange or red throughout the day. If the child creates disruption or something worth a warning then they will be moved to orange, however if the child continues to be disruptive etc then they will be moved to red which also may result in them missing some of their playtime.

Reflection time out – This is a place where the child can be sent to have a time out and think about their actions within the classroom, allowing them to think about what they have done and what they should do next time.

Target: Ensure i use behaviour strategies that work for both me and my class, also using the schools behaviour policy where needed. 


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