Ability group tables


These were a great easy way for me to first see which children were in which groups and what were their individual capabilities within each subject. This meant that not one child was seen as at the same level in all subjects and it gave them those own individual identity for each subject. The colour coding was useful as i was able to use this through other planning and assessment strategies in order to identify specific children. The children could be freely moved between these groups during for example a maths lesson as one child  may really understand multiplication and division but struggle more with fractions and so these were not set in stone it was used as an overall guideline for the subject as a whole. This was also a useful method of assessment as it meant a child could be seen to move groups as the colour could increase and this would show their development throughout the year.

Advantages to this method:

  • able to establish a safe and stimulating environment for pupils, rooted in mutual respect
  • become aware of pupils’ capabilities and their prior knowledge, and plan teaching to build on these
  • know when and how to differentiate appropriately, using approaches which enable pupils to be taught effectively



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