Assessment Records


These were a great way that i found useful when recording children’s progressions and outcomes of lessons. The table included every child’s name with three other columns, understood, not understood and next steps.With the names i was able to identify those specific children who need more assistance (highlighted in green).

The understood column was for me to identify which children had gained an understanding from the lesson and to what level they had, so for example skill, mastery or depth. This also allowed me to state specific strengths etc of those children.

The not understood column was for me to identify those children who needed more input to gain a fuller understanding on the topic. It allowed me to identify what areas they struggles with, making a note of these and also if they struggled from the beginning.

Following on from this was the next steps column, which allowed me as the teacher to note down what would happen next, so would an intervention be needed, or just a simple reminder for the child in the next lesson. I could also then state if the child now understood it from the next steps being taken.

This assessment strategy relates to specific standards which include:

  • being able to set goals that stretch and challenge pupils of all backgrounds, abilities and dispositions
  •  being accountable for pupils’ attainment, progress and outcomes
  • to know and understand how to assess the relevant subject and curriculum areas, including statutory assessment requirements

Target: Continue to develop this way of recording assessment in future practices to form a solid and effective strategy that works for both me as the teacher and the class. 


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