Child profiles and observation records


From placements 1a and 1b child profiles were effective in getting to know more about the children and their abilities. These are specific examples from practice 1b, where three different ability children have been chosen and observed all in the same lesson. This allowed me to observe how the children work differently and if they were in the correct ability grouping for their ability.

The child profiles were filled out within the first two weeks of me arriving in the school and these were based on the children’s ability grouping as i was not yet familiar with the children and what they could and couldn’t do. The updates column was then updated in the final week of my placement identifying what i had noticed throughout the past 6 weeks. Not all of these changed ans this was evident in the profiles of the lower ability child and the higher ability child as all stayed the same at working towards and exceeding. The middle ability child however varied as i had noticed stages where she exceeded and also where she was still working towards. These varied depending on the subject and topics learnt.

Overall i was able to assess the child and if they had progressed, stayed at the same or fallen backwards. The child profile and observation records allowed me to specifically relate and link to TS2.


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