Safeguarding involves many aspects including:

  • Behaviour management
  • Staff conduct
  • School security and physical environment
  • Photography, videos and images
  • Visits

Behaviour Management

This can involve aspects such as how are you feeling in the morning, using the blob tree, e-safety: so being safe online, conducting yourself accordingly online and confessions/thoughts/feeling bees.

Staff Conduct 

This covers promising to not keep secrets, whistle blowing, recognising policies, managing risks, exercising authority, ensuring doors are kept open in one-to-one situations and also ensuring professional language is used throughout.

School security and physical environment 

Aspects include making sure there are gates around the school, as a teacher not sharing your school on facebook or any other social media, making sure that staff and volunteers are wearing appropriate ID badges and ensuring that there is always a parent or guardian there to pick up after school.

Photography, videos and images 

Sending letters home to parents to ask for permission for the publication online such as on their schools website, respecting family values and blurring faces out of children.


Making sure that children are in partners or groups when outside of the classroom, ensure that the school only takes the children places where they would be safe, making sure that there is an appropriate ratio of staff to children on school trips and also that a in depth risk assessment has been carried out before leaving school.

These are all very important aspects of safeguarding children within and outside of school and all of these and more should be considered everyday.

Target: Ensure I am familiar with safeguarding and how to ensure i deal with this within and outside of school. 


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