‘Was’ as a verb


This was one of my favorite lessons of practice 1b as all of the children had fun and were engaged in the learning process. It was a fun engaging lesson where all of the children really enjoyed the drama aspect of the lesson. Throughout the lesson i used the whiteboard well and all children could see this at all times and i left it up so they could use it to help them when they moved onto their own activity of working in groups.

Although it was a really good lesson there were still areas for improvement such as i could have explained to a higher ability student about the present perfect etc. when she suggested an answer that although was right was wrong in the context of the lesson. e.g. ‘I ate…’ and ‘I was eating…’ This would have developed her understanding and shown her how it differs. I could have also put the drama into the middle of the lesson instead of at then end as it may have enabled me to explain ‘was’ better. I was able to effectively manage all children’s behaviour and ensure a smooth, flowing lesson.

During the independent group activities the children chose their partners and so this meant mixed ability partnerships were made. The teacher highlighted that it may have worked better if they worked in ability pairs as they would both have a similar understanding of ‘was’ as the verb. The children at the end of the lesson shared their dramas to the rest of the class which allowed me to assess if the children had understood the meaning of the lesson.



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