Author Visit – Anneliese Emmans Dean


During professional practice 2 Year 1 had a visit from an author during book week. The author was Anneliese Emmans Dean who wrote the book Buzzing! Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts. The children first had an assembly in which the author described her book and read out the different poems she had written. She got the children involved by getting them to join in the poems and also by singing and doing actions.

Once the children had listened to the assembly they took part in a workshop. The focus of the week was also linked to minibeasts as it was science week as well as book week. Anneliese had a green bag containing lots of different coloured ribbons inside. She rang a bell and every time the children heard it they had to stand quietly and Anneliese would walk around and choose someone to pick from the bag. The children had to sing’ Its time for a rhyme’. Once the child had picked out the ribbon she put it to her ear to listen tot he minibeast. She then told the children what it was and began to say the poem she had written about that i minibeast. The children created actions and noises to go with each minibeast. The ribbons included a warm up rhyme and a cool down rhyme.

All the children really enjoyed the workshop being active and involved throughout. They were able to recall at the end what minibeasts they had looked at and the sounds and actions they did.


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