Focus Mark Books

Within the class there was groups for maths: Ladybirds (LAPS), Grasshoppers (LMAPS), Beetles (HMAPS) and Caterpillars (HAPS) and each group had a book called a focus mark book. This was a way for the teacher to record the progress made my children and record any areas that the children need to still work on. The TA and teacher would both complete an entry for the group they worked with. They would include the learning objective/s, date and if any children were absent. They would then record what the children were like during that lesson, so who could do it, who needed more support and who really struggled.

This was then all looked at on a Friday to be able to highlight which children could do which objectives from the weeks focus. If all the children in the group could do it then it was fully highlighted however if there were some that struggled then the objective was hashed and the teacher would tick the children achieved.

focus mark spider

This is a good way of assessing the children as it can be looked back through to see the progress made of each child when revisiting a topic throughout the year. It also allows for the teacher and others to see the progress made of the children in the topic itself during the week.


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