KIRF stands for Key Instant Recall Facts. This was an activity that the school from my final placement had incorporated into their curriculum. It was a way of assessing what the children were able to do. The children were all given a rocket on a planet with the name on. There was three planets that the children had to try and move through within that half term. The children were given the resources to practise them at home and then were tested on a Monday morning as their maths lesson. The children were given 1 minute to answer 10/12 quick questions for example half of 6 or double 5. Other examples included numbering the days of the week and months of the year in the correct order they come in. These are all things that children should be able to do by the end of year 1.

The short test was then marked and assessed by the class teacher and a note was made of how the children had done. This was put into a table that displayed all of the child’s previous scores. This allowed the teacher to see the progress made if further steps need to be put in place for some children.


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