Literacy Display and lesson

This is an example of a working display that was used in a literacy lesson during my final practice. Throughout the week we had been writing letters based around the book ‘Spider Sandwiches’. The children had to write a letter pretending they were a spider on the wall in Max’s house (monster in the book). To make it interesting for the children i set up some example post boxes on the wall and once the children had written them up neatly they were able to go and post them in which ever letter box they wanted. This created a level of fun and love for literacy for the children as they could see the end product. The children loved posting the letters into the letter boxes and all achieved as high level of work.

This is a good example of how working walls can be used during lesson time not just to assist the children in their learning but to also demonstrate their progression and outcome for the lesson.

Target: Develop the use of working walls within lesson time. 


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