Topic Display

2017-03-23 16.32.39

This is an example of a topic display from my final placement. It shows examples of children’s work so they can show their work off to other people and when members of the community come in they are able to see the work the children have been doing. It also includes pictures of the children being in involved in different activities such as bread tasting. This is again to show both the school community and outside the school community what the children have been up to in their topic lessons. The children are able to look back at this display and know exactly what they have completed so far. They can also feel a sense of pride for their work and pictures spotting themselves in them.

It is a working wall that will continue to be added to or changed depending on the children’s activity  and work. It will tell a story of their topic lessons for the half term showing where they began and where they are now. It will show progression and development of their work.

Target: Ensure working walls display both children’s work and pictures. 


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