Feedback Masks

2017-04-25 10.48.04

These are an example of feedback masks that i used on my final placement. They were a great way for me to assess the children but also making it fun and engaging at the same time. The children loved holding these up in the air to either answer a question or give feedback about how they felt during or after the lesson etc.

They can also be used for other aspects such as resources during a lesson. I used them within a science lesson, where the children were learning nice and nasty sounds. I play a variety of sound clips and the children had to hold up the smiley face if they thought it was a nice sound and the sad face if they thought it was a nasty sound. This let me as the teacher see the opinions of the children and assess if they could identify nice and nasty sounds.

Target: continue to use the feedback masks for assessment and resources in lessons. 


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