Skittle Fractions Lesson

skittles presentation

This is an example of a resource that i used during a lesson to teach the children fractions of amounts. It was a fun lesson that all of the children enjoyed and were engaged in. The children loved talking about how every packet of skittles was different and so they would all have different fraction wheels.

The behaviour of the children was good and a countdown was used to ensure that they were listening when needed. This was a good method of getting the children focused as they instantly knew that when i started to cunt down they were to stop what they were doing and listen. Therefore, this was a very effective method.

The use of resources really got the children excited about the lesson and they wanted to learn. The children were very sensible with the skittles and were able to work with them to complete the activity. The paper plates were already split into sections for the children and therefore cut out the extra time it would have taken for the children to draw the sections. These were good resources however next time i would suggest a different way to colour in the fraction wheels as this took too long for some children to complete, meaning they missed out on completing the whole task.



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